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--Blank Space v.0.02-- Год выпуска: 2018
Жанр: Visual Novel, Sim Date, Big Tits, Small Tits, 3dcg
Цензура: Отсутствует
Разработчик/Издатель: www.patreon.com/Lykarion
Платформа: PC/Windows/MacOS/Android
Тип издания: В разработке
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: v.0.02
Язык игры: Engrish
Язык интерфейса: Engrish
Системные требования (минимальные):
ОС Windows , HDD 400Mb
It's the initial release of my very first game. Currently it's more a tech demo.
it has lots of text and a lack of images. It will improve over time.
It's about a guy who need to start his life all over again.
while doing so he meets different characters and can do different stuff like a balloon tour or a walk in the park, visit the local church or a nice drink at the inn. there are serval random quests and some scripted story-plots
Need to cheat a bit since my laptop can't handle rendering, sorry.
As soon as i'm out again i try to get some images for the Inn.
This Android port is not released by developer, download at your own risk. / Этот Android-порт не выпущен разработчиком, загружайте на свой страх и риск.
Тема обновлена до версии v.0.02 / Topic updated to v.0.02


- Added: if you don't own enough money for the inn you can "try" and break into the apartment (possible GameOver)
- Added: Amelie's fortune
- Added/Replaced: Bonus scenes
- Added/Replaced: Fleur's Toilett scene
- Replaced: Vivienne's charakter model
- Replaced: Amelie's images
- Replaced: most of Evelynn's images
- Changed: Savegame name
- Chanced: First events won't longer start at night
- Fixed: Donation Loop if you don't donate (and you will stay in the church now)
- Reenabled the mistakenly disabled random events in 0.01g
Misc Changes:
- New "Back" Button in the apartment menu
- after praying - back on the map
- minor Code fixes and tweaks
- Casandra knows now more about the MC
- Rollback disabled in: Casandras Fortune and if you be a burgler more than 3 times the 4th attemp will fail
- Park-sleep-event won't trigger at evening
- Changed: resized to 1600x900 (this fixed the "Preferences" menu as well)
- Changed: ui reworked
- Changed: sleeping in the morning is not longer possible
- Added: Evelynn's Introduction story (told during a coffee session)
- Added: Amelie's Introduction story
- Added: short events in the inn
- Added: Evelynn's fortune
- Fixed: Fleurs fortune
- Fixed: Fleur's shop story won't trigger any longer after afternoon
- Fixed: Only one coffee session on sunday, if Amelie gets an invite during her
work on sunday you'll get a free coffee and the time will proceed further
- MISC: minor Code fixes and lot's of Text fixes
- Disabled: House no longer for sale! Will be enabled later
- Casandra overhaul #2v (ongoing from 0.01c)
- Isabelle's, Vivienne's and Fleur's Fortune fixed
- Map redesign
- Several new pictures (no nudes, sorry)
- Apartment code edited for Vivenne, Fleur and Evelynn
- Beginning of the first two random events for Evelynn and Vivenne (Apartment)
- Give a tip to Amelie to raise her sympathy to be able to invite her
- minor code & text fixes
- Vivienne's Introduction (Currently Blackscreen with some images and text)
(Pictures will be edited as soon as i'm able to shoot one that will fit the background)
- Cafe & Inn: Minor changes
- Activity Counter visual removed
- Inn sound effect removed
- Casandras missing "Talk" label fixed
- Infinity loop fixed
- Activity reward reduced
- Minor code & text fix
- Credits page (still in the "Buy House" Extras menu)
- Code fixes for: jump-return, pause
- Praying for x times will trigger a event (no new images, Relationship+)
- Deleted some left over files
- Images and code integrated for Vivienne's apartment (not activated!)
- Casandra: - new menu - code overhaul - Fortune Check Isabelle
- Cafe: - drinks/food time +1
- Fleur won't say thanks for yesterday if you visit the shop someday later
- First church talk will trigger even without visiting the shop before
- Tons of character shortcut fixes; Character renamed: Eyleen -> Evelynn
- Drinks for Evelynn fixed (Relationship+)
- Isabelle's Story requires less relationship (down from 20 -> 7)
- Vivienne's progress now seperat (before: required a certain relationship with isabelle)
- Minor code and textfixes
- Fleurs story continues with a ultra early xxx scene
- Menu structure Eyleen (Inn) rework.
- Added a text to Amelie's "Talk". (still dummy text but the player gets a feedback and won't just thrown into a different menu)
- Casandras Fortune implemented, she is now a hotspot
- Added door images to Fleurs and Eyleens Apartment
- Eyleen isn't any longer in the Bar at morning
- several "Back" buttons added
- Sound effect stops now after resting
- minor code&text fixes
Focus for this and the next patches are functionality.
- "invite to cafe" menu working now for Amelie, Eyleen and Fleur (text later)
- minor fixes and removed some old code
First Release



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